Server AppΒΆ

Server app is the main service; also they act as a middleware to authenticate and authorize users, it connect to the database and connect to others services.

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Validate and create entities (crud ops)
  • Proxy to others services


This service need to be expose externally

  • Server is made with KrakenJs.
  • We use DDD to organize the code, they have an infra, repositories, entities (values objects), interfaces, application, and domain folders. DDD in Node Apps
Maestro Server - NodeJS DDD

Setup dev env

cd devtool/

docker-compose up -d

It will run a mongodb and a fake stmp server

Installing node

  • Nodejs >=8
  • MongoDB
  • Gcc + python (bcrypt package)

Download the repository

git clone

Installing dependencies

cd server-app
npm install

Configure env variables

create .env file



MAESTRO_DISCOVERY_URI=http://localhost:5000 // list and get status connection
MAESTRO_REPORT_URI=http://localhost:5005 // create and get reports data
MAESTRO_ANALYTICS_URI=http://analytics:5020 // create analytics report
MAESTRO_ANALYTICS_FRONT_URI=http://analytics_front:9999 // get analytics html
MAESTRO_AUDIT_URI=http://audit:10900 // notify audit update event and get history track

and run the app

npm run server

Multiple env

Every config can be pass by env variables, but if you like, can be organize by .env files,

Name Desc
.env Default
.env.test Used on run test
.env.development node_env is set development
.env.production node_env is set production

Database migration

Run the migration command.

npm run migrate

# to rollback the migration, run
npm run down_migration

We use PM2 to handle multiple threads, following the configuration.


npm install -g pm2

# Create a file pm2.json

"apps": [{
    "name": "server-maestro",
    "script": "./server.js",
    "env": {
    "production": true,
    "PORT": 8888
pm2 start --json pm2.json