1 - AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

I got this error using a valid AWS AK/SK the DescribeInstances operation consistently fails. The other BOTO3 calls work so it’s something with this specific call.

state: danger
msg: An error occurred (AuthFailure) when calling the DescribeInstances operation: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials At XXXXX
  • Do the clock is right on your host?

This message error normally happens when it has a wrong clock configuration, docker uses the host timezone. If yes can you try to use ntpdate on the host and then spin up again the discovery-maestro and discovery-maestro-workers

  • Can be caused by a weird circumstance of running a local version at the same time as a cloud hosted one. Some services ran locally others on the cloud due to the way docker-compose was setup.

2 - My client got Can’t connect to Maestro Server

  • The server api are running?
  • Your client service have the right configuration?
     image: maestroserver/client-maestro
     - "API_URL=//"   <----------------- Server API
     - "STATIC_URL=//" <--------- Static Files
     - "ANALYTICS_URL=//" <------------- Analytics Front
     - "WEBSOCKET_URL=wss://xxx:8000" <----------------- WebSocket

3 - Through Unauthorized error during the synchronization - Permission error

If through Unauthorized error, you need to grant ready only permission, as an example on AWS you should create IAM and grant full ready only permissions.

4 - The warning status never change

Can be a RabbitMq issue or the Discovery workers weren’t running, you can restart the rabbitmq and start the service discovery workers.

You always can check the service logs:

docker-compose logs discovery-maestro
# or
docker-compose logs discovery-celery # this one is the discovery workers