Analytics FrontΒΆ

Analytics Front Application is accountable to expose diagrams to the user:

  • Public/private authorization
  • Expose svgs diagrams
  • Upload private SVGs


This service need to expose an external access

We use DDD approach to organize a code, they have an infra, repositories, entities (values objects), interfaces, application, and domain folders. DDD in Node Apps


Analytics is made with KrakenJs.

Follow a module flow diagram:

Maestro Server - Analytics front architecture

Installing node

  • Nodejs >=8
  • MongoDB >=3.4
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS S3 (To use as a external storage)

To Download the repository, go to:

git clone

Installing dependencies

cd analytics-front
npm install

Configure env variables

create .env file



npm run server

Multiple env

Every config can be pass by env variables, but if you like, can be organize by .env files,

Name Desc
.env Default
.env.test Used on run test
.env.development node_env is set development
.env.production node_env is set production

Migrate setup data

create .env file

npm run migrate

We use PM2 to handle multiple threads, following the configuration.


npm install -g pm2

# Create a file pm2.json

"apps": [{
    "name": "analytics-front",
    "script": "./server.js",
    "env": {
        "production": true,
        "NODE_ENV": "production",
        "PORT": 9999
pm2 start --json pm2.json