Audit AppΒΆ

Audit App is a single application to track and record resources change:

  • Track resources changes
  • Create a change tree
  • Store those data

  • Audit is made with KrakenJs.
  • We use DDD approach to organize a code, they have an infra, repositories, entities (values objects), interfaces, application, and domain folders. DDD in Node Apps
Maestro Server - NodeJS DDD

Follow a module flow diagram:


Installing node

  • Nodejs 8 or above
  • MongoDB 3.x

Download the repository

git clone

Installing dependencies

cd audit-app
npm install

Configure env variables

create .env file



npm run server

Multiple env

You can use .env files the set configurations

Name Desc
.env Default
.env.test Used on tests
.env.development node_env was set development
.env.production node_env was set production

We use PM2 to handle multiple threads, following the configuration.


npm install -g pm2

# Create a file pm2.json

"apps": [{
    "name": "audit-app",
    "script": "./server.js",
    "env": {
        "production": true,
        "NODE_ENV": "production",
        "PORT": 10900
pm2 start --json pm2.json