Connecting on AWS

To connect an one aws account, Maestro need to have an access_key and secret_key

Go to IAM service

Go to iam services on you AWS account dashboard.

Create an user - SecurityAudit

  1. Go to user tab
  2. Add user, select the access type as a programmatic access
  3. Choose to attach an existed policy on user
  4. Select SecurityAudit policy

Getting AWS Key and Secret Key

Copy and paste the aws key and secret key

List of permissions to grant.

server-List ec2 describe_instances
loadbalance-list describe_load_balancers and describe_load_balancers
dbs-list rds describe_db_instances
storage-object-list s3 list_buckets
volumes-list ec2 describe_volumes
cdns-list cloudfront list_distributions
snapshot-list ec2 describe_snapshots
images-list ec2 describe_images
autoscaling-List autoscaling describe_auto_scaling_groups
brokers-List sqs list_queues
cache-List elasticache describe_cache_clusters
smtp-List ses list_identities
serverless-List lambda list_functions
serverless-support-List lambda list_layers
dynamodb-List dynamodb list_tables
gateway-List apigateway get_rest_apis
security-list ec2 describe_security_groups
network-list ec2 describe_vpcs, describe_subnets, describe_vpc_peering_connections, describe_vpn_gateways, describe_vpc_endpoints, describe_route_tables, describe_network_interfaces, describe_nat_gateways and describe_network_acls

Maestro Server - AWS Setup

Setup connection on AWS


PS: There is scheduler job activated by default, each resource type have your own window time, server-list will be updated for every 5 minutes, networks for every 2 weeks.