Using Ansible FactsΒΆ

You can use ansible as a CMDB, first, you can generate Ansible output for your hosts, running

mkdir out
ansible -m setup --tree out/ all

Ansible will generate one file per host, next is to create a new connection on the resulting folder, Maestro can uses three method to get those files.

  • Upload file
  • Over ssh
  • On S3 Bucket

Automatize the update process.

You can create cron jobs over ansible facts onto ansible manager server to automatize the update process.



Maestro Server - Ansible setup

Upload ansible facts

Maestro Server - Ansible setup

Set over ssh

Maestro Server - Ansible setup

Using S3 bucket


PS: PS: There is scheduler job activated by default, each resource type have specifc window time, server-list will be updated for every 5 minutes, networks for every 2 weeks.