Analytics FrontΒΆ

Analytics Front App is front end of analytics graph of Maestro Server, yours responsibility is:

  • Authentication
  • Show graphs SVGs
  • Upload internal SVGs of analytics


This service can be external access

We using DDD to organize the code, has infra, repositories, entities (values objects), interfaces, application, and domain, if like to learn read this article is very cool DDD in Node Apps


Analytics its have constructed with KrakenJs, we create a lot of middleware and organize by domain.

Core API, organized by modules:

Maestro Server - Analytics front architecture
  • Core
  • Authetication
  • Graph
  • View

Installation with node

  • Nodejs 8 or above
  • MongoDB 3.4
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS S3 (If using S3 upload)

Download de repository

git clone

Install dependences

cd analytics-front
npm install

Configure some env variable

create .env file



npm run server

Multiple env

Every config can be pass by env variables, but if you like, can be organize by .env files,

Name Desc
.env Default
.env.test Used on run test
.env.development node_env is setted development
.env.production node_env is setted prodcution

Migrate setup data

create .env file

npm run migrate

For production environment, need to use pm2 or forever lib.

Like (PM2):

npm install -g pm2

# Create a file pm2.json

"apps": [{
    "name": "analytics-front",
    "script": "./server.js",
    "env": {
        "production": true,
        "NODE_ENV": "production",
        "PORT": 9999
pm2 start --json pm2.json

Env variables

Env Variables Example Description
API_URL http://localhost:8888 Server app Url
NODE_ENV development|production  
MAESTRO_MONGO_URI localhost DB string connection
MAESTRO_MONGO_DATABASE maestro-client Database name
MAESTRO_SECRETJWT XXXX Secret key - server app
MAESTRO_SECRETJWT_PRIVATE XXX Secret Key - JWT private connections
MAESTRO_NOAUTH XXX Secret Pass to validate private connections
MAESTRO_SECRETJWT_PUBLIC XXXX Secret key - same server app
AWS_S3_BUCKET_NAME maestroserver  
MAESTRO_UPLOAD_TYPE S3/Local Upload mode
LOCAL_DIR /public/static/ Where files will be uploaded
PWD $rootDirectory PWD process