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Server is a computer or a single program instance, which manages access to a centralized resource.

Field Description
Hostname Hostname
Ipv4 Private Ipv4 private, It will warning if there are any duplication,
Ipv4 Public Ipv4 public, only for external servers.
OS Operation system can be Linux adn Windows. Distro can be ubuntu, centos or any other.
Memory Memory
Environment Production | Development | Stage | …

Selecting the OS

Maestro Server - Setup OS

Server details

Field Description
Storage Storage configuration as a mount path, size in GB and if is a boot device.
Datacenter Providers, region and zones, used by cloud datacenters, you can put the instance id on id_instance field, avoiding Maestro to duplicate this server.
Auth Dummy information about how the team can loggin into servers.
Service Show up all services running, It can be used on Application Manager page to track the service configuration.

Maestro Server - Assing datacenters name

Assing a dc name, region and zone on that server.

Maestro Server - Assing service authentication

describe how you can to access and authenticate on that server.


Services can be a very usefull field, Maestro are able to correlate services installed on servers and applications, as an example, you can create an Oracle Database on Databases applications, then you can create a new server and assign this server to that database, Maestro automatically do a service/application bound.

Maestro Server - Servers and services

Related services.


Maestro Server - Volumes - Attached or built

Can be attached or built-in:

  • Attached is a network storage or distributed storage service (ex: NFS)
  • built-in is a hard drive set in that server, very common on bare metal.

You will be able to describe where the mount path are, which file type, and a virtual volume configuration (LVM).

Maestro Server - LVMs

Cloud Server Resources

Volumes, flavors and images are servers resources provide by cloud providers, on top of servers you can create/list those resources.

Maestro Server - Servers resources
  • Volumes: List of volumes (ex: EBS, HardDisk)
  • Flavors: Instance flavors.
  • Images: List of images, it used to build new servers. [As a template]
  • Network: Network provider resources, as an example security groups, acls, vpcs, subnets and etc.