Access rules

The Maestro ACL is composed of multiple entity type and each entity has a one rule.

Entities can be:

  • a user
  • a team

Rules can be:

Read: Read access
Write: Can read and update
Admin: Can create and delete
  • The authentication control system is set at the resource level, that means each record has your own acl rule.
  • You can create teams to share the same access to multiple users, and under the hood the user assume the team identity and then the team can access that record.

The ACL modal can be found on any resources such as servers, applications, graphs, reports and more.

Maestro Server - Acl view


You can update your profile.

Maestro Server - Profile fields

Change password

If you like to change the access password, you can go to profile > change password

Maestro Server - New password


To create a team, go to the main menu on the right corner, and click on the Teams page.

Each team has a name, email, avatar and members.

Maestro Server - Teams