User Guide

The inventory is divided into three parts:

> Cloud Inventory: All about your infra, its an area with all information of register and visualization of cloud envrioment, like servers, applications, loadbalances, databases, datacenters, system, and clients.

> Analytics: Elegant graphic of dependencies. Through elegant view, it’s easy to understand the architecture system. You can export to svg, png or embed the graph on any service like Confluence, GitHub,

> Reports: Exclusive to generate reports, with a possibility to apply advanced filters and export in different types of file.

Maestro Cloud Inventory

  • Help IT operation teams to organize and audit multicloud infrastructure
  • Substitute CMDB systems
  • Enable continuous discovery of servers, services and apps
  • Classify each service as a database, message queue, VPN, API gateway, service mesh, etc
  • Create a relation between servers, services and clients.