Connectiong with OpenStackΒΆ

To register one openstack account, use project name, url api, user, and password.

Synchronized and permissions to grant.

Server-List: servers compute
Loadbalance-list: load_balancers load_balancer
volumes-list: volumes block_store
snapshot-list: block_store snapshots
images-list: compute images
security-list: network security_groups
flavor-list: compute flavors
network-list: network networks, subnets, ports and routers

If you like, choose how the resource will be synchronized with an active and inactive button.

Maestro Server - OpenStack setup

Setupconnection with OpenStack


PS: There is scheduler job, its automatize sync, this schedule will be activated by default, and each resource have our own time, in the example, server-list will be synchronized for every 5 minutes, networks stuffs normally happen for every 2 weeks. You can the time using in each resource, more details see schedulers.

Maestro Server - Job on connection

Enable and disable the job