Service Dependecy tree

Architecture map among service dependencies and environment variable used to config this discovery on each service.

Service Need to see Context Protocol
Client App Server App SPA application Rest
  WebSocket App Received status message (service bus) WebSocket
  Analytics Front Show graphs on bussiness analytics Iframe HTTP
Server App Report App Create any reports Rest
  Discovery App Execute crawler actions Rest
  Analytics App Create bussiness graphs Rest
  Audit App Send any update to audit Rest
Report App Data App Update report status Rest
  WebSocket App Send to client any status WebSocket
Discovery App Data App   Rest
  WebSocket App   WebSocket
Analytics App Data App Populate meta data in analytics entity Rest
  Analytics Front Post svgs Rest
  WebSocket App Send to client any status Socket
Scheduler App Report App Automated and manage reports Rest
  Discovery App Automated and manage discovery Rest
  Analytics App Automated and manage analçytics Rest
  Data App Dump connections parameters. Rest
Audit App Data App Update any sync rule Rest