FrontEnd - Client AppΒΆ

Client App front end application

  • Html and Js client application
  • Single page app (SPA)
  • Cache layer


This service needs a proxy reverse like nginx or haproxy.

Vue2 Main framework, using by react and manager views, routes and temaplates, use vue-loader with webpack
Webpack2 bundler generate
Bootue All micro components, like buttons, tables, forms and etc, its 100% Bootstrap3 components built with Vue2, 100% standalone, no query.
Nginx Using for proxy reverse
Mocha / Chai / Sinon Test, asserts and mock library.

Vue2 Macro Architecture


Important topics

  • Front end application is divided in:

    • src/pages: templates and bussiness rules (domain layer)
    • resources: factories, modals, and cache managers (infrastructure layer)

A single folder structure components normally use:

Maestro Server - Vue architecture

Installation with node

  • Nodejs >= 7.4

Download de repository

git clone

Install dependences

npm install

Production build

npm run build

Dev run

npm run dev

Env variables

Env Variables Example Description
API_URL http://localhost:8888 Server App Url
STATIC_URL /upload/ Relative path of static content
ANALYTICS_URL http://localhost:9999 Analytics App Url
LOGO /static/imgs/logo300.png Logotype, (login page)
THEME theme-lotus Theme (gold|wine|blue|green|dark)